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Elesa Art Studios: About Us

Design is about telling a story, creating a concept, a feeling, a mood and a conclusion in the mind of the viewer through imagery. Advertising and marketing is nothing more than a commercial application of design. Through design, reality comes to fruition.

The same 5 rules that governed the design of the first cave painting, govern the design and look of the smart phone screen today:

1. Who or what is the design for?

2. What is the design to achieve?

3. What platforms are available to design on or in?

4. What are the best mediums available to use on the available platforms?

5. Which mix of platforms and mediums will achieve the best results?

The cave man's target audience was his tribe, perhaps the next generation coming through. His intent varied from glorifying the hunt to religious concepts. His platform was the wall of his cave, and the only mediums available were paint made from natural ochre's and charcoal.

The designers of the smart phone screen have a main target audience of 16 to 50 year olds (numbering in the tens of millions) who have access to good internet. Their intent is to make the screen attractive, easy to use and unique to the particular brand of phone. The platform is the screen itself, and the digital programming mediums available to render it can be counted in the thousands, so due to availability they have a wide choice about which mix will produce the best results.

Elesa Art Studios has a commitment to our clients to give them the best design possible within the budget available to them. We undertake to work with our clients throughout the design process, from the first logo sketch through all forms of digital and print media to ongoing follow up designs as the business grows. At a reasonable and affordable price, whatever our client's needs.

Elesa Art Studios uses real artists who have had many years’ experience in a number of fields of design, able to accurately sketch out any concept by hand on paper, and then render the finished concept across any of the digital mediums available today. We invite you to browse our galleries, and view the many examples of our work across a broad spectrum of display mediums available today.