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Elesa Art studios: Web Design

Digital Media can be summarised as the rendering of mechanical Print Media into digital code that can be transmitted through a number of avenues including the internet, and used through computer software to render the same media on a screen for viewing. Digital Media, however, does not just include visual content. Television, movies, radio, even computer programs themselves can all be rendered into digital code and transmitted.

There are a number of huge advantages that Digital Media provides. Videos, audio and animation can be easily utilised as podiums for getting an idea across. The number of platforms available for customer involvement and branding multiplies almost exponentially, with websites, social media and even search engines themselves all being utilised by companies today.

It is important to keep in mind that these various platforms of display and interaction available to a business each perform different functions, though they all overlap, blurring the line. A website is a great place to show your products, but interacting with your customers is better accomplished with social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Social media is still best used with a website as the anchor to share from and draw customers to (at the moment anyway).

Don’t write off print media just yet either. Print still has a strong presence in our lives. There is no handier or cheaper way to publicise an event than to put a few posters up in the shopping centre.

Elesa Art Studios understands the relationship between Print and Digital media, and the importance of designing media that can be utilised on all the platforms available today. We also understand that using digital media effectively requires more than just good design, and we help our clients raise awareness of their presence on the internet.