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Elesa Art Studios: Logos and Branding

Three things make a brand. A symbol or logo, a concept, and a narrative, combined into one. The success of a brand depends on the attraction of the concept, how well the narrative resonates and how easily recognisable the symbol. Plus time and the environment.

Who can think of Christianity without thinking of the cross of Christ? Imagine the Nazi Party without the swastika? See an astronaut and not think of NASA? Why do we associate these images in our mind automatically? Because each of these institutions created their brand with consistency and perseverance; never wandering from the narrative, the concept or the image. These principles apply as much to a small business as a large institution.

Elesa Art Studios can design and implement a branding program from the first logo through to the appearance of the entire digital, web and print platforms a business needs to be displayed on. We operate at all times in full consultation with our clients, advising and helping them to grow their brand at the pace right for them.