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Elesa Art Studios: Print Media

These days, ideas can be sketched out on a computer screen as readily as they can be sketched on paper, but in this respect we are still a bit old fashioned. As far as Elesa Art Studios is concerned, the first sketch starts with pencil and paper, which means that for us, the design process takes form in Print Media.

The design process has a clear line of progression. It starts with a need, which leads to an idea, which leads to the first sketch on paper, followed by a refinement of the sketch into a definite image. From there the life of a design depends on its purpose, whether as just the image, or developed from the image into an article.

(The soviet T34 tank of WW2 started as an idea in the head of U.S. engineer J. Walter Christie, in response to what he saw as a need for fast moving, long range armoured military vehicles.)

Print Media simply put is any design or concept which is physically printed on a surface to be viewed by others. Whether it is writing in a private diary, printing a photo, painting a mural on a wall or printing a newspaper, it all belongs to Print Media. Now days, Print Media is irrevocably joined to Digital Media in a symbiotic relationship. Anything designed for Print Media will inevitably appear in Digital Media in some form, and vice versa.

Elesa Art Studios can undertake any type of Print Media design work, from the initial concept to the final production of large print runs, offering superior design services at an affordable price.